A new remote learning science course, to be offered by Liam Wells, a Catholic parent and science teacher.

The course is one hour ‘face to face’ teaching per week, plus email support and materials sent electronically. Students would be expected to complete about two hours extra/week on their own, following the course materials. Cost is $60/week per child.

Aim: to understand fundamental chemical terms, symbols, equations, and
reactions, along with common, everyday reactions and applications of these principles that they
will encounter. • Duration: • One lesson with teacher, two hours individual learning • 10 weeks approx. This is an introductory level course suitable for those around 15 years old.

First ten weeks:

Fundamentals of physical matter
Solids, liquids, and gases
i. Kinetic model of matter
ii. Change of state
a. b. Elements, compounds, and mixtures
Mixtures and Separation techniques

a. Making mixtures
b. Examples of mixtures

c. Separation techniques for mixtures
The Chemical Elements a. The periodic table
The structure of the atom

i. Elements
ii. Isotopes
iii. Relation to periodic table families
b. c. Element symbols
i. How it happens
ii. How to determine ionisation
a. b. Ion symbols
Fundamentals of Compounds a. Ionic bonding
b. Covalent bonding
c. Metallic bonding (short)
Types of compounds a. Salts
b. Acids c. Bases
d. Other categories

Solutions in Chemistry a. Solvents and solutes

Aqueous solutions
i. How they form
ii. Insoluble materials
b. c. Non-aqueous solutions
Fundamentals of Chemical Reactions a. Chemical Formulae
b. Chemical Equations c. Subscripts
d. Balancing Equations
Common Chemical Reactions a. With acids
b. With metals c. With oxygen (combustion)
d. In food and drink
Factors affecting Chemical Reactions
i. Solution strength
ii. Molarity
iii. Surface area
a. b. Temperature
c. Catalysts
2(c) – make your own distillation apparatus
4(a) – ionisation and electricity (e.g. lemon batteries)
7(b) – remove grease/oil stain from clothes
9(c) – fermentation reaction

Please contact Liam on 0410 363 335