About Us

Hi and welcome to our blog. The purpose of this site is to be a place where Catholic homeschooling families can come together and share their ideas, experiences and provide some support to others.

We are a diverse group of independent Catholic home schooling families who meet regularly to allow our children to come together and build friendships with like minded people. We support and help each other in many ways, socially, materially and spiritually as we continue on in our Home Education Mission.

Please note that this blog is open to all Catholic homeschooling families. If you would like to share with us any ideas or general fun stuff please Contact Us.

This blog is also linked to our Forum which is a Parents members only site.

You may be:

  1. New to the idea of homeschooling and want to learn more about it.
  2. Looking for the support of other link minded parents
  3. Looking for new ideas and the types of curriculum that others are using
  4. A seasoned homeschool parent who would like to share their experiences with others.
  5. If you would like to join us please register http://catholichomeschool.forumotion.org

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find this blog useful.

  1. I’ve put a link to your blog up on http://maryqof.wordpress.com/groups/

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