Latin Mass St Joseph’s Church Iona


From The Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman

First Sunday of every month at 5pm.

We wish to thank Bishop Chris Prowse for his support and encouragement in making this Mass possible. note this is not associated with the society at Tynong)


4 thoughts on “Latin Mass St Joseph’s Church Iona

  1. Well we attended the first Latin Mass at Iona last Saturday night, it took about an hour and the attendance was quite high. Many were local and quite a few were from other areas.


  2. Where is Iona, please? I live in East Gippsland, close to Bairnsdale, and an desperately trying to find a Latin Mass close to me. There was one at Sale until Easter this year, but it’s been discontinued, as the priest has to service a large area and is too busy 😦


  3. Dear Janine,
    The Mass is on at 5pm on the first Sunday of each month, but always check the Latin Mass Melbourne website/notices to make sure. A few times the mass has had to be cancelled because of some other commitments.
    God bless, and hope you can make it sometimes,


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