On Friday 27th of May we went to Emerald Lake Park with our cousins. First we went up the to the Model Railway Building but it was closed, so we went to see Puffing Billy come into the station. I bet my cousin 20 cents that the train would come from the left and he said right. It came from left so I won the bet! Then we went to a picnic shelter for lunch. After lunch some of us went to the playground. It was cool because the was lots of obstacles and climbing things! We had some popcorn, lollies, and toasted cheese sandwiches. The toasted sandwiches were yum. After that we went on a bush walk. The first part of the track was really really muddy because they were digging a gutter. Further up the track there was so many leaves you couldn’t see the ground! They were red and yellow! At the end of the track there was a wishing well! My little sister said “I wish I could be a princess!” My younger sister, said “I wish I had  all the dresses in the world”. Then we turned around and went back down the track. We walked back to our cars.
The End. Written by Clare (2011)