Catholic Homeschool Conference Online

Normally we can’t get to hear all the great speakers at the big Catholic homeschool conferences held in the USA each year however this time it’s online and at no cost. Begins later in the week. Be careful with the time and date difference between here and the USA!Check it out at and sign up at     Continue reading Catholic Homeschool Conference Online

Catholic Artisan Australia

If you are looking for some Catholic themed durable vinyl stickers for use on laptops, book covers, car windows, phone covers, water bottles or mugs you need to take a look at Catholic Artisan Australia Their stickers are scratch, water and UV resistant and most importantly – great prayer reminders! Something we all need to do now more than ever.     As Padre Pio … Continue reading Catholic Artisan Australia

Tribute to Fr Des Byrne – RIP

Originally posted on Catholic Homeschool Australia:
Photo courtesy of John Casamento One of the many things Fr Byrne will be remembered for is the Confraternity of St Michael which began in 1991 with only a few members. The first meeting was held in the meeting room at the back of the Church at St Francis De Sales Oak Park in Melbourne. It then moved to… Continue reading Tribute to Fr Des Byrne – RIP

Tips to Catch Up When You’re (really) Behind in Highschool | Part 2

Sorry for this not going up in the next week after I posted part 1. As everyone knows it’s been a crazy last couple of weeks. But anyway, today I’m sharing 4 more tips to help you catch up on school (right now is a great time to start 😉 ).   1. If you are taking an online course, print out the chapter! This … Continue reading Tips to Catch Up When You’re (really) Behind in Highschool | Part 2

My Scrunchie Shop is Live!!

Hey everyone! Clare here, 🙂 I’ve been working on launching an online scrunchie store for a while, and now I’m excited to announce that as of today is now live to shop! I have a variety of scrunchies, ranging from AU$10-7.50 (Approx. USD$6.90-5.15) which includes FREE international shipping. Now you might be wondering about why I chose the name Único Scrunchies for my shop. Basically Único is the word Unique in … Continue reading My Scrunchie Shop is Live!!

If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Advice for New Homeschoolers

New homeschoolers – Many others have walked this path, persevered, and overcome obstacles. These travelers can offer support and advice in your adventure. <<read full article>>: If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Advice for New Homeschoolers Continue reading If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Advice for New Homeschoolers

2019 Christmas Short Story, Essay, and Poetry Contest!

Catholic Homeschool Australia is holding another Christmas high school Essay, Short Story, & Poetry contest! The contest is open to any Catholic Highschool Homeschooled students (yes, that means world-wide!) , Grades 7 through 12. The essays or short stories should be around 500-1000 words in length. Poems should be around 50+ words. (These are, however, suggested lengths. You can exceed the length (or use slightly less words) if you need … Continue reading 2019 Christmas Short Story, Essay, and Poetry Contest!

Overcomer | Movie Review

OVERCOMER is another very well-produced movie created by the Kendrick Brothers. The storytelling, acting and cinematography are wonderful. Some actors deliver their lines more poignantly, but in the end everyone adds significantly to the movie’s sweet, inspiring tone. Hannah’s character transformation is particularly powerful. Eventually, Hannah learns to find her identity in the Lord while navigating a host of obstacles.~Via Our Movie Review Disclaimer Plugged In Overcomer review Dove Overcomer review Continue reading Overcomer | Movie Review