2019 Christmas Short Story, Essay, and Poetry Contest!

Catholic Homeschool Australia is holding another Christmas high school Essay, Short Story, & Poetry contest! The contest is open to any Catholic Highschool Homeschooled students (yes, that means world-wide!) , Grades 7 through 12. The essays or short stories should be around 500-1000 words in length. Poems should be around 50+ words. (These are, however, suggested lengths. You can exceed the length (or use slightly less words) if you need … Continue reading 2019 Christmas Short Story, Essay, and Poetry Contest!

Overcomer | Movie Review

OVERCOMER is another very well-produced movie created by the Kendrick Brothers. The storytelling, acting and cinematography are wonderful. Some actors deliver their lines more poignantly, but in the end everyone adds significantly to the movie’s sweet, inspiring tone. Hannah’s character transformation is particularly powerful. Eventually, Hannah learns to find her identity in the Lord while navigating a host of obstacles.~Via MovieGuide.com Our Movie Review Disclaimer Plugged In Overcomer review Dove Overcomer review Continue reading Overcomer | Movie Review

Today is the feast day of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

The 8th of August is the feast day of Australia’s first saint: St. Mary MacKillop, in full Saint Mary Helen MacKillop, also called Saint Mary of the Cross, (born January 15, 1842, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia—died August 8, 1909, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; canonized October 17, 2010; feast day August 8), religious figure, and educator, who was the first Australian beatified by the Roman Catholic Church and … Continue reading Today is the feast day of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop

Winter Program Registrations Are Now Open – Campion College (7th-10th of July 2019)

About the program Campion College’s Winter Program provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience college life and a taste of the Campion College course. Our immersive three-day program provides the opportunity to reside on campus and interact with like-minded peers. We have a fun-filled program including a bonfire night, movies, trivia, dancing and sports, as well as sample lectures from our history, literature, philosophy and theology … Continue reading Winter Program Registrations Are Now Open – Campion College (7th-10th of July 2019)

Diy Easter Hairstyles

I’ve rounded up a couple of hairstyles from my website Seton girls’ hairstyles which I think would be perfect to wear for Easter! (All links to the tutorials are embedded in the pictures.) 1.) Sabrina’s holiday half-up is so pretty, and great for any length of hair. To really make it fancy you could add some curls, but I think it’s great either way. 2.) … Continue reading Diy Easter Hairstyles

Tribute to Fr Des Byrne – RIP

Originally posted on Catholic Homeschool Australia:
Photo courtesy of John Casamento One of the many things Fr Byrne will be remembered for is the Confraternity of St Michael which began in 1991 with only a few members. The first meeting was held in the meeting room at the back of the Church at St Francis De Sales Oak Park in Melbourne. It then moved to… Continue reading Tribute to Fr Des Byrne – RIP

The Feast of the Annunciation

The Feast of the Annunciation, one of the principal feasts of the Christian church, (and is a Solemnity) is celebrated on March 25 (Lady Day), nine months before Christmas. The first authentic allusions to the feast (apart from the Gelasian and Gregorian sacramentaries, in both of which it is mentioned) are in acts of the Council of Toledo (656) and of the Trullan Council (692). Because its significance is much … Continue reading The Feast of the Annunciation

NACF 4th National Conference Albury NSW 12th – 14th April 2019

This will be the fourth National NACF conference and will be held from the 12th-14th of April 2019. It is an opportunity for Catholic families to come together for mutual spiritual, moral and social… Source: NACF 4th National Conference Albury NSW 12th – 14th April 2019 Continue reading NACF 4th National Conference Albury NSW 12th – 14th April 2019

2019 Catholic Homeschoolers Retreat/Camp

The 2019 Catholic Homeschoolers April Retreat/Camp is from Tuesday 23rd April till Saturday 27th April, 2019. “Formally held at the Fitzroy Falls, it is now being held at the Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, Grose Vale, west of Sydney. The camp is attended by Catholic Homeschooling families from many dioceses of NSW and Victoria. The timetable includes daily Mass, Rosary, Benediction and spiritual sessions. A Rosary … Continue reading 2019 Catholic Homeschoolers Retreat/Camp