Where to Find Fashionable, Modest Dresses?

EDIT: Unfortunately as of August 2018 Omika has decided to close down. I’ll have to remove the links to their website on this article as they will no longer work. However, I have found some other new websites that sell modest clothing which I will link to. (They’re all based in the U.S. so I will link some of the ones with lower shipping costs.)

https://bluishandco.com AUD (approx) $24 shipping

https://www.onelovedbabe.com AUD $24 shipping

https://oliveave.com AUD $23 shipping

(Also as a little tip if you’re an Aussie, remember to do a USD to AUD conversion before checking out so you don’t get a nasty surprise afterwards for spending much more than you thought you were. 😉 )

You may look at the shipping prices of the ones I just linked and think that they’re pretty expensive, but so far those are the cheapest I’ve found (some places shipping to Australia will charge anywhere from AUD $30 up $60!) While not every single dress on the linked websites above may be considered 101% modest, the majority are really nice/fashionable modest dresses! 😉


I know how hard it is to find modest clothing, if you shop around it is possible to find some modest tops, and skirts ect. But when it comes to dresses? It is soo difficult, they’re either too short, too low in front or back, see through, or just plain ugly..the list goes on.  I found this great online shop called Omika based right here in Australia that sells a variety of different modest dresses, and a small selection of skirts. Depending on what you normally spend on dresses you may think they’re either a pretty decent price (especially considering you order it and can wear it straight away without any altering whatsoever,) or, you might think they are quite expensive. Personally I think it’s worth investing in a couple of good quality, decent dresses.

So, I went ahead and got one–it came a week from the day I ordered it which was great! I tried it on and it fit perfectly!! It’s almost wrong how comfortable it is, 😀 (one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have!!) because you feel like wearing it around the house when it’s really a super nice dress-great for Mass and special occasions! I’ve received so many compliments when I wear it, and it’s definitely my new favourite dress!

I will say though that you may not have the same result I had on my first order, I have had to return one or two things before, one because it didn’t quite fit me, and another because I just didn’t really like it, and it was a bit too long for me (I’m fairly short 😉 ) , but they were great with it! They just let you send it right back, and will either exchange the size for you, return you money, or give you store credit (depending on different things.)


Our mission is to be Australia’s leading destination for knee length dresses. We know what an elusive treasure it is to find a dress that is at least knee length, not low cut in the front or back, and has sleeves. We know – the struggle is real. ~Via https://www.omika.com.au

For those of you outside of Australia, these are two other great websites I’d recommend that sell quite a few of the same dresses as Omika, and more!



If you would like me to post tips on how I make immodest clothes modest, modest outfit ideas, and other modesty posts, please leave a comment below to let me know!

*this was not a sponsored article 😉

9 thoughts on “Where to Find Fashionable, Modest Dresses?

  1. Thank you for posting this, Clare! I can’t wait to look at the dresses!
    And I think it’d be a great idea to post modest clothing tips! 🙂


  2. Great article Clare. No matter what age we all need ideas where to buy fashionable and modest clothing. It is worth the hunt and definitely worth sharing! Any other hints you have would be great. Janine


  3. Hi lovely ladies!

    I’ve had the exact same headaches as you all trying to find nice modest clothing that’s good quality and made in Australia. I ended up quitting my job last year and have spent the last 18 months studying fashion design to start my own label.

    Excited to say that our website actually launched this morning! It’s called Cousin Billie.

    Hope it’s ok to give it a little spruik here. Hope it can be of some use to you all.
    (Feel free to follow us on Instagram if you like also)



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