Campion College and Home-schooled Students

Every year, Campion College Australia welcomes students from a variety of educational backgrounds. Since its inception, Campion has attracted many students who have come from a home-schooling context. In fact, many of our top academic achievers, including winners of the College Medal, have been home-schooled.

Students who have been home-schooled bring with them a valuable experience of learning. This contributes to the style of learning at Campion, and adds to the richness of classroom interactions.

Campion College looks forward to welcoming more home-schooled students in the future. For information about the application process and entry requirements, follow this link.

Source: Campion College | Home-schooled Students

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One of the other benefits of studying at Campion college is the option to live on Campus

One thought on “Campion College and Home-schooled Students

  1. My son was homeschooled and is now at Campion. I don’t like that he is so far away, but since he needs to study for whatever career he chooses, Campion was our and his first choice. It’s not perfect, there’s a mix of students from different backgrounds who hold differing views and ways of life. But he thought it would be a better introduction to the world than a secular uni or a Uni that waters down the faith, or he might not be able to reasonably trust what he was being taught. My own experience with Catholic University was poor, and I had let him know.
    Many of the students at Campion have homeschooled for some of their education, so he wasn’t going to be alone in that!
    He has Mass and adoration and confession available each day. Sometimes he says his rosary with the rosary group, sometimes, like others, just on his own. Whatever he goes on to do, he’s not likely to get that chance of daily Mass again. So he considers this time at Uni a blessing, and we thank God he has the opportunity


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