Stars Go Dim|You are Loved

Image result for stars go dimStars Go Dim’s debut single “You Are Loved” has surged to the No. 1 spot on the MediaBase Audience Chart, proclaiming a message of hope that is resonating with listeners everywhere.

“This song is such a simple message, you are loved, but it’s a message that our culture desperately, desperately needs to hear,” lead singer Chris Cleveland said of the hit. “I believe God made us for a purpose, and I believe he made us on purpose…I believe that he loves us just as we are right where we are…” Source: Stars Go Dim .com

You are Loved official music video:

8 thoughts on “Stars Go Dim|You are Loved

    1. ^ The official video for “You Are Loved”

      We got to see Stars Go Dim live, when they were over here in Australia and it was AWESOME! Their album is great!


  1. I agree Clare the concert was a lot of fun. I love their song Walking like giants too, actually I think all their songs are great.


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