8 Modest Dress Picks

I know it’s been a few months since my first modesty post, (which I might add already has 100+ views! I’m glad you all liked it so much!) but I thought I’d do something a little bit different today, and show you 10 super pretty and fashionable modest dresses that I’ve seen this week  and where to buy them! 😉 Most of the dresses I chose were $50 or under, and I’m pretty sure all the places I linked ship to Australia. (If they’re still available, you’ll be able to click on the pictures to find where to buy them! 😉 )


I really like the detail on the sleeves for this one, it’s so pretty!

Etta Flower Dress



The design and floral pattern on this one is so pretty & stylish!



How elegant is this dress? And the colour is soo nice!



I like this one because the lace pattern over it is a bit different from your average dress, and navy is such a classy colour. 😉






I know all the other ones I picked were knee length dresses (I just love the style I guess,) but I had to include at least one maxi dress, and here it is!



I absolutely love this one, I’m not entirely sure why, I think it’s because of the sleeves and the colour. (the one that is linked is a slightly different colour, as this one was out of stock)

The Naomi dress in chambray blue.

I hope you liked this post, feel free to leave a comment down below, and let me know what types of modesty posts you’d like to see next! Which dress/dresses were your favourite?

3 thoughts on “8 Modest Dress Picks

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked them! 🙂 Oh, I know, that’s why I thought I’d share these. 🙂 What kind of post would you like to see next?

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