March for the Babies – Melbourne Saturday 7th October 1pm

March for the Babies


The annual March for Babies in Melbourne will be held on Saturday 7th October, 2017.

The march commences at 1pm in the Treasury Gardens (meet at the corner of Spring Street and Wellington Parade)

Show your Support: Wear Pink and Blue For further information go to March for the babies


Are you going? Comment below if you are!

2 thoughts on “March for the Babies – Melbourne Saturday 7th October 1pm

  1. The March has been running for a number of years now and the abortion laws have not been changed. This can be discouraging and can make some people feel that there isn’t much point in continuing. Stories like the one below are a reminder that if only one baby is saved as a result of the march, it is totally worth it. Every life is priceless….

    “I came to this rally (March for the babies – Saturday 12th October 2013) and watched both sides with curiosity. I have to admit I was planning to join the ‘other side’ and I was pretty excited, it was to be my first ever rally. I got the shock of my life when I saw how ugly they were and I had to sit down to stop myself trembling. I am having triplets, cancelling my abortion on Monday morning. Thank you. My heart has been changed. – Melinda”

    (Found at end of this article under comments
    MELINDA 12.10.13 / 8PM

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