Victory for Life in Melbourne – March for the babies 2013

March for the Babies

Please read and share this wonderful story with as many people as you know:

“I came to this rally (March for the babies – Saturday 12th October 2013) and watched both sides with curiosity. I have to admit I was planning to join the ‘other side’ and I was pretty excited, it was to be my first ever rally. I got the shock of my life when I saw how ugly they were and I had to sit down to stop myself trembling. I am having triplets, cancelling my abortion on Monday morning. Thank you. My heart has been changed. – Melinda”

(Found at end of this article under comments Melinda 12.10.13 / 8pm)

God bless you Melinda

Have you seen this excellent pro-life movie: October Baby

2 thoughts on “Victory for Life in Melbourne – March for the babies 2013

  1. Wow. This gave me a lump in my throat. I was at that march, and saw the ugliness of the counter-protesters and their abusive behaviour. If this is for real, then it makes it all worth it…


  2. I was also at the march, and the feeling of the day was not pretty. Old Nick was having a field day, and I couldn’t pray properly. We were attacked on all sides. We were all distressed and affected by the nastiness of the other side. The next day, our epistle for Mass talked about how we were not battling flesh and blood, but principalities, and i thought, “God, you thought of everything, even this reading for this day after the march.” So, following the advice of the reading, we will be arming ourselves more with His weapons next time.
    Next time, I hope it can be organised that those of us who can’t go for whatever reason, distance etc.. could assemble in our Churches and pray for those in the frontlines on that day, for their protection and for the conversion of hearts.
    Later on the Sunday, a friend rang and told me of the lady who cancelled her abortion of triplets, and as a family we all praised God. It lifted completely the bad feeling of the day before, and put it all in perspective. Some of us will be back there next year, maybe the littler ones will be at Church praying. I would still encourage others to attend, especially since I thought the gathering was a little down on last years numbers.
    On a final note, the Saturday evening of the March, a friend told me that a small group of some like minded individuals on church property were discussing what could be done to combat peacefully the violence of the protestors. This too was attacked by 6 protestors trying to disrupt it. Police were called and the individuals actually arrested. They were let go on the proviso they left and did not disturb the meeting again. They were part of a communist group. One of them dared a prolife speaker to come on their communist radio and speak about abortion, which to their surprise he accepted. I don’t know when or how it was set up, but please pray for this. Most “communist” supporters in this country are so through ignorance and emotionalism, so let us pray their eyes will be opened and they respond to grace, and that the fellow prolifer speaks in such a way that touches listeners hearts.
    I was also told that the youth night held before the March was gatecrashed by the protestors. They carried on as you’d expect, but eventually quietened down when the guest speaker said he would happily pay for them to have the meal if they would sit and listen. This was accepted for about 10 minutes, and then they couldn’t stand it, with one poor lamb crying and saying “it’s MY body”. Hearing all that helped me remember we are dealing with people who must have been really hurt and deceived, and that we have a duty to pray for them and help them if we can.
    Anyone out there interested in organising prayer in churches for those who can’t attend next year?
    God Bless


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