March for the Babies – Don’t be afraid!

Click to insert.Join the March for the Babies on Saturday 11 October at 1pm at the Treasury Gardens, Melbourne. Don’t be afraid to come because of what the protestors did last year – the police have committed to doing better this time. Now, more than ever, pro-lifers need to be seen and heard. Do not be intimidated by the people of darkness, but come and show them the light of life. Meet at the Wellington Parade side of the Treasury Gardens, corner of Spring Street. Wear pink or blue. This is the 6th annual March for the Babies. It is a peaceful rally to defend the rights of unborn babies and their mothers against the 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act. See for more. An update on September 19th on the website says: “We met with Victoria Police Command tonight and were more than satisfied with their assurances that police resources will be boosted significantly this year to avoid a repeat of last year’s violence. October 11 will be the safest March yet!” See you there!


2 thoughts on “March for the Babies – Don’t be afraid!

  1. We’re going again this year to the March, despite the hideous violence of last year. Triplets were saved last year, so every inch of suffering was worth it. If it’s horrific again this year, we’ll leave the younger ones behind next year and organise prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament for those on the front line.
    Please, if you’re not attending, please pray for us that will be – we need the grace to face this evil and use what voice we have to expose abortion for what it is – the killing of a baby. Please encourage others to do the same.


  2. Just thought we’d update you all on the March for Babies. Compared with last year, it was wonderful. We had our biggest crowd yet. The media said 2000, but I’ve been told the police report said 7000. Te Deum!!!
    The police were superb and didn’t let anything that even looked like a threat near us. I’m going to let them know how super impressed I was today, and thank them for protecting all there.
    Thankyou to everyone who made the day a success by their attendance and their prayers. Australia Needs Fatima actually had public rosary’s organised around the country today in reparation for sins, and I’m sure their prayers really helped the day.
    If you find your health or your age or the age of your children, the distance to the city (amazingly it only took us an hour and a half, and we drove straight into a car park (yay St Anthony!!)), or the seriousness of abortion and marching against it an obstacle (hey, every year we feel sick in the stomach before we go and is it all worth it and shouldn’t I just stay and pray at home…etc), then please would you consider praying for those that attend on that day? Grace is what is needed to change hearts – join in grace with those who are there and pray for an end to abortion in our state and our land. Maybe you could even consider gathering a few like minded friends or family in a church and praying before Our Lord. It would mean the saving of souls.
    I’d like to encourage anyone out there thinking about attending to just grit their teeth and do it, and encourage others to come too. This is the only public forum we have to bring the message of love to battle the hate that is abortion, and all the misery it brings. Our media is censored – try ringing up about certain subjects, and you are never put to air. Or if you are they have 3 successive calls directly contradicting what you have said. So we need a large presence to be seen, and we need people to pester our politicians. I am certain that the majority of Victorians do not support the current laws.
    We also need to help others who do support abortion see their error – prayer and love can and I think will do it.
    These abortion laws in Victoria are barbaric, and need to be changed. If you’re in another state with better laws, I urge you to join with us in prayer to rid our land of these laws, and to make sure it doesn’t happen in your own state. It will spread, if we don’t stop it. It affects everyone. It’s not just a Victorian problem.
    Please pray for “pro-life, pro-family leaders to be elected and pro-life, pro-family laws to be made and protected”.
    The war on life and on the family by the culture of death is reaching a higher pitch. This is war, and we are all called to be soldiers of Christ. So suit up! Pray! Write! Fast!!
    Above all, act in hope and love. We can’t change this by being crabby or aggressive. And our actions need to be united to make a difference – our prayers are never wasted. Our Heavenly Father is in charge, and all things work together for the glory of God.

    Will you work with Him?


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