Power of prayer … Peter and Sue Hill with their daughter Claire. Photo: Dallas Kilponen

Girl blessed by Pope run over by her father with a bus.

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PETER HILL’S life has been peppered with signs.

Years ago, all four tyres blew out one after the other when he suggested to his future wife in the car that God created all things and therefore must be responsible for evil.

More recently (2008), Pope Benedict XVI kissed his baby daughter, Claire, at Randwick in Sydney while in the midst of a throng of devotees.

And then, on Tuesday afternoon (back in 2011), he rolled his 22-seater bus on top of her in a queue for petrol on the South Coast.

When he saw the three-year-old lodged under the dual rear wheels of the four-tonne vehicle, Mr Hill was certain that Claire was dead.

But this morning she is likely to be sent home from hospital with little more than grazes and minor bruising (and she was).

The tyre marks were yesterday visible on her tiny abdomen, but she astounded her parents and medical specialists by surviving the ordeal without internal injuries, broken bones or lasting physical damage of any kind.

As Claire lay in bed at Sydney Children’s Hospital with a Catholic prayer book, red-eyed but smiling and talkative, she said it was her dad and God that saved her.

Her father struggled to find an explanation for his youngest child’s remarkable escape.

”I couldn’t think anything other than a guardian angel was holding that bus up and keeping the weight off her,” Mr Hill said.

”I jumped in the driver’s seat and just rolled forward,” he said. ”And Claire opened the door and hopped out of the car, and the next thing I know, someone’s banging on the bus. I went to look and saw Claire lying underneath the two back wheels, pinned to the ground. At that moment I thought: ‘God, I’ve killed her.’ ”

His wife, Sue Hill, a mother of 11, was inclined to believe in the power of prayer.

”I had put a miraculous medal [of Mother Mary] on her just an hour before,” she said. As Claire lay at the Woolworths service station in Nowra, Mrs Hill told her to pray to Jesus and Mother Mary.

In the hours that followed, family and friends on the South Coast and beyond reached out through church and social networks to draw hundreds more into prayer, she said.

”All my children rang all these other families,” Mrs Hill said. ”My sister rang the Mother Teresa nuns in Sydney.”

The Children’s Hospital said it was hopeful Claire would make a full recovery (and she did).

”Despite experiencing a major trauma, she has no broken bones or serious internal injuries,” a spokeswoman said.

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Catholic Homeschool Australia: while this story is a few years old now it needs to be retold over and over. We have had personal contact with the Hills at family camps over the last two years. Our children have joined in with bush walks holding Clare’s hand and giving her piggy backs etc. So we can tell you first hand that she did make a full recovery and that she is a walking miracle.