Rantisia by Paul

Prologue: It was a stormy night, the wind was howling, lightning flashed and the rain pelted down.  Hastar and his wife Menina were huddled in their simple mud brick house with their four year olds, Dirak and Bressar.  Suddenly a black cloaked figure appeared in the doorway.  “Atar!” he yelled.  Another figure came running into the room.  Dirak became scared and went and hid under his bed in the corner. Hastar was caught along with Menina and Bressar, but Dirak was not found.  Atar and his Dark Master tied their prisoners to a cart with many other villagers.  When the ropes were secure they rode off into the night.  The sun was coming up when Dirak crept from his hiding place and saw that his family was gone.  He ran out of his house crying and bumped into his friend, Sinro and Sinro’s father.  “Did your family get taken away last night?” asked Sinro’s father sadly.  Dirak nodded.  “Don’t worry, you can live with us.”  And that was how it was.

Click here for Rantisia Chapter 1 By Paul

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