RANTISIA: Search for the Ranta

My book is finally published and available on amazon for purchase! Now, a little bit of history behind this story. The first draft was writing from June 2009 to late 2010 and was approximately 42 pages long. What a book! Then in 2014 I wrote a second version or draft which ended up being 130 pages long and was titled “A Fictional Tale With Words, Chapters, … Continue reading RANTISIA: Search for the Ranta


Rantisia by Paul Prologue: It was a stormy night, the wind was howling, lightning flashed and the rain pelted down.  Hastar and his wife Menina were huddled in their simple mud brick house with their four year olds, Dirak and Bressar.  Suddenly a black cloaked figure appeared in the doorway.  “Atar!” he yelled.  Another figure came running into the room.  Dirak became scared and went … Continue reading Stories