I’ve rounded up a couple of hairstyles from my website Seton girls’ hairstyles which I think would be perfect to wear for Easter! (All links to the tutorials are embedded in the pictures.)

1.) Sabrina’s holiday half-up is so pretty, and great for any length of hair. To really make it fancy you could add some curls, but I think it’s great either way.

2.) I actually came up with this hairstyle for my sister to wear for the Easter vigil last year. I love how simple it is to do, and how pretty it looks, especially with the baby’s breath flowers I added in.

3.) If you love to braid your hair, this hairstyle is for you! The plaited hair-headband turns a regular braid into something really pretty and unique!

4.) And lastly, this simple knotted half-up which is perfect for any age and length of hair!

2017-09-29-18h48m04Let me know in the comments which hairstyle you like the most, and if you’d try any of them for Easter. Have a blessed rest of Holy Week, and a Happy Easter!