And the winner is……Therese Slee!!!! Therese is in Year 11 this year and lives right here in Australia. Here’s the poem she wrote:

The Christmas Angel

I am an elegant Christmas Angel
Sitting atop the big Christmas tree
I watch all that happens around this house
And smile at all the things that I see

I see the children place wrapped presents
Under the huge tree that is evergreen
I watch them giggle and smile happily
As they try doing it without being seen

I see a lots of things from my little perch
People come to the tree and admire me
The Christmas Spirit is truly in this house
And everyone is happy as can possibly be

But it is Christmas night that I am
Truly happy and thankful at everything
Jesus Christ is born on this night
He is our Lord, Saviour, and King.


Due to the low volume of entries this year, we will not be posting any of the other results for the other categories. (:

If you’d like to enter into another competition this year we can hold a Easter contest. Let us know what type of contest you’d like see, or enter into down in the comments below!