Josh Wilson- That was then, this is now

The Texas-native started taking piano lessons in fourth grade, learned guitar and drums in sixth and seventh grade, and fell in love with songwriting in college at Nashville’s Belmont University. A self-described introvert with an aversion to the spotlight, Wilson never dreamed he’d be the one behind the mic, but God had other plans. Since signing to Sparrow Records in 2006, Wilson has become a staple at radio, amassing six Top 10 hits on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart, including “That Was Then, This Is Now,” “Savior, Please,” “I Refuse,” “Fall Apart,” “Carry Me” and “Before The Morning,” which landed the No. 4 spot on Billboard’s 2012 Year-End Christian Songs chart. He’s toured with some of the genre’s biggest acts, including Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West and Casting Crowns; and even veteran artists who applaud Wilson’s carefully honed musicianship have admired his impressive live show. He’s been known to have as many as 20 instruments on-stage at any given time (and knows how to play all of them). -via Godtube

“That Was Then, This Is Now” (Official Music video):

“That Was Then, This Is Now” (Acoustic):

5 thoughts on “Josh Wilson- That was then, this is now

  1. This song is awesome! I recommend it strongly for everyone. His other songs are pretty good, too, from what I’ve heard of them…


  2. Josh Wilson is definitely a huge favourite in our house, and has been for years, I would recommend everyone to check out his 5 awesome albums!


    1. The funny thing is that, until very recently, I never even realised just how many songs of his I know and love!! He is great, and this songs is definitely one of my favorites.


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