Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes
February 3-11

Today is the day to begin the Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes.
Don’t miss it. If you begin today you will finish your Lourdes novena on February 11, the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

But before you go to the novena, I want to tell you a story.

Have you ever heard of Marie Bigot?

She was cured in Lourdes!

She is one of the 69 officially confirmed miracles in Lourdes.

You see, there are actually thousands of miraculous cures that have taken place in Lourdes but only 69 have passed the rigorous examinations of the Medical Bureau.

Marie Bigot is one of the 69.

Her case is simply amazing!

Marie was born on July 12, 1922.

Our Lady of Lourdes cured her on August 8, 1953.

Her cure was confirmed by Cardinal Clement Roques, Archbishop of Rennes.

Her story is almost unbelievable!

As a child, Marie was often ill, and a frequent visitor to the hospital. She had very poor sight which got progressively worse. Eventually she went totally blind in her right eye and could barely see from her left eye.

She also suffered from frontal sinusitis which continued to worsen.

And that is not all!

In 1951 she was moved to a neurosurgical ward where, after many tests, she underwent intracranial surgery. The surgery confirmed she was suffering from a severe inflammation of the membrane surrounding the nerves of the central nervous system of the brain and spinal cord. This condition, Arachnoiditis, causes nerves to stick together, generating extreme pain.

Later Marie underwent a second brain surgery, but with no result.

One day, feeling a frightful pain in her head, she collapsed. Upon regaining consciousness, she realized she was deaf and blind. She was also hemiplegic, the right side of her body was completely paralyzed.

She was first taken to the shrine of Lourdes in October of 1952 but no cure or improvement occurred.

She did not give up. She was a woman of Faith. For a full year, her condition grew worse.

She was miserable.

She returned to Lourdes on October, 1953. While in Lourdes, she recovered her ability to walk.

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This is how it happened. While lying on a wheeled cot, she suddenly discovered that she could move her hands. She then turned to her nurse saying she was cold and asked for a hot water bottle.
Marie tells us, that in reality, she wanted to know if she could feel the heat on her feet. She felt the heat.

Can you imagine the excitement?

She then tried to move and her limbs began to respond. She slowly picked herself up and began to walk. She was cured!

The following year, on October 8, she recovered her hearing at the end of the Rosary Procession at Lourdes. Marie said that what she really wanted more than her vision was to be able to hear again. She said that without her hearing, she felt totally isolated.

Now she could walk and hear.

Then she boarded the train home. At a certain point on the trip she said to the nurse, “Is there a storm?” to which the nurse replied; "No, it is the noise of the train." Marie insisted, “Yes, there is a storm, I see lightning.” The nurse began to cry. Marie’s vision was back to normal!

This miracle was confirmed by two groups of specialists in 1954 and 1955.

Professors and doctors pronounced the miracle inexplicable. Cardinal Roques declared on August 15, 1956 that “the cure was miraculous, and must be attributed to a special intervention of God, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

After her miraculous cure, Marie Bigot went to Lourdes almost every year to offer her services to the sick and to thank the Virgin Mary for her immense goodness and mercy.

Well my dear friend, you may not be as sick as Marie but I am sure you have lots to ask Our Good Mother of Lourdes. And what better way than with a Novena for her feast day?
So, click here and start your Novena.

And please do me a favor. Never, Never, Never forget that the Virgin Mary is your mother. She is always there for you.

People may abandon you on this earth, but she NEVER will!

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God bless!