BushBoysABCofCampingCoverBush Boys is the camping adventure of the city Cumberlands, Peter and John, and their mountain cousins, Greg and Bernie.

Its setting is the Wild Bush Mountains, where Nature is still untamed in all its wild and lyric beauty – rocks and rapids and inviting pools, light on leaves, the sounds of bird calls, wind and water, with kangaroos and dingoes, goannas and snakes, kookaburras and cockatoos, and the creepy crawlies, bull ants, leeches, yabbies.

But the beauty of the bush is marred by three louts, the yahoos, who smash bottles, pollute the bush and turn out to be dangerous thieves and cheats. They are cunningly outwitted by the four bush boys who, when the bush strikes back, come to their rescue.

Bush Boys short chapters are ideal for reading in bed or curled up in a comfy chair, and also for reading aloud at home or at school. You’ll wish you were sitting at a campfire or in a tent, enjoying the real thing!

Bush Boys also offers vital know-how for readers who are planning a bush adventure: on survival in rough comfort, food lists and quantities, equipments lists, bush cooking, camp hygiene, safety first, first aid, etc

Father James Tierney and His Wonderful Bush Boys Books Fr Tierney


  • The ABC of Camping
  • Over 50 full page drawings
  • Nearly 80 smaller pictures and diagrams
  • An environmentally friendly book
  • For adventurous boys and girls.

via The Bush Boys Books: Synopses.

However, there were more urgent things Kev wanted to know. “What school do you go to? Why aren’t you at school today?” His own Mum and Dad were still undecided about his schooling, though they favoured the Wild Bush Mountains Grammar School at Galway Crags. Kev could be a day boy or even a boarder. However, he was not keen on either. Now, having met Pete and John, he knew their school must be best.

John told him chirpily, “We have school at home.” Kev looked puzzled.

Pete explained, “It happened like this. John an’ I spent the October holidays with our cousins” — he waved his hand to the south — “down there a bit. We managed to stay two extra weeks when our two oldest sisters at home got sick. Our aunt homeschools our cousins so she did us as well. Then just over a week ago our Mum moved up from the city to make this our new home. She took over our homeschooling — she calls it home-tutoring. She’s spent the whole of last week proving to herself that we can work on our own — after she’s got us started, of course.

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Also available in the US from Catholic Heritage Curricula