3 Ways to Style a Scrunchie

Today I’m going to be showing you three ways your can wear a scrunchie in your hair! Hairstyle No. 1: Knotted Pigtail Bun with a Scrunchie 1.) To start off with, do a bun in your hair, it can be any kind of bun, though I did Sophia’s knotted pigtail bun.. 2.) Then pick out a scrunchie, put it … Continue reading 3 Ways to Style a Scrunchie

Lace Dutch-Braided Wrap-around/SHORT Hairstyle

Although this hairstyle is specially for all you short-haired people out there, it works great on all lengths of hair... <<See Sabrina's post on SGH>> Lace Dutch-Braided Wrap-around/SHORT Hairstyle

Double Dutch Braided Updo

This is a really cute style that could be dressed up to be an almost formal hairstyle, or, I actually think if you had the bun secured with a hair tie and some extra bobby pins it could be a great sports hairstyle... <<Read post>>: Double Dutch Braided Updo Want to comment on this hairstyles? … Continue reading Double Dutch Braided Updo

How to create a wrap around Dutch braid

Items Needed: Brush or comb, spray bottle, one hair tie, hairspray {if desired}, (optional) a few bobby pins Time Requirement: 5-10 minutes Skill Level:  Medium  Step-by-Step Instructions: Part the hair, using the comb, from ear to ear across the top of the head… Secure the back half of the hair with a hair tie to keep it out … Continue reading How to create a wrap around Dutch braid