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‘It makes you want to throw your phone in the bin’: The film turning teens off social media

Neisha Biviano and Mia Quinn, 15, changed their attitudes to social media after viewing the documentary The Social Dilemma, which Mia also had her family watch. CREDIT: PAUL JEFFERS

Watching the founders of the world’s biggest social media platforms describe how bad they are for young people’s mental health, 15-year-old Neisha Biviano had to pause to give herself time to take it all in.

Almost instantaneously, the bombshell Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, changed her relationship with the platforms upon which her generation grew up.

Mia Quinn, an aspiring visual artist and photographer, said despite the value platforms such as Instagram offer, especially showing her other young people’s art, after watching The Social Dilemma she immediately told her friendship circle she wanted to delete the app.

“I had just watched The Social Dilemma and said [to my friends] guys let’s all delete Insta and Snapchat, I said ‘Insta isn’t working for me I don’t want to be here anymore, this isn’t right’.

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It’s rare that I see something that feels so important that I want to tell everyone to watch it. But The Social Dilemma checks that box for me. A handful of profanities (including two s-words) may push it out of bounds for some potential viewers, but this film feels like must-see viewing for families with teens on up. It will make you uncomfortable. It will prompt you to ponder your habits. It may even be a catalyst for making significant changes.

And it may mean that you never look at your Facebook feed or Google autofill or your various mobile notifications quite the same way again. via Pugged in

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