Would you like to teach your children to pray in a new way?

Would you like them to get to know Jesus more, but don’t know how to guide them?

Does the busyness of life make family prayer difficult?

An exciting new audio resource called ‘Time With Jesus’ (TWJ) may be just what you are looking for. TWJ is a collection of short five minute meditations that take children (and adults) on an adventure through 13 popular New Testament bible stories to meet Jesus and speak with Him.

Children are guided to use their imagination to climb trees, steer a boat, ride a donkey and climb a mountain with Jesus and much more. TWJ is an engaging and exciting way to pray in which the meditations are brought to life by the use of different voices, sound effects and music.

“Children have wonderful imaginations,” says Creator of TWJ Cate Kensey, “so it’s easy for them to imagine themselves in a bible scene with Jesus and hear and watch what He does.”

“They get to learn who Jesus is and they experience personally Jesus talking and sharing with them. They encounter the love and care that Jesus has for them.”

Given the current uncertain time we live in, with Masses, and other forms of religious practice suspended, it is more important than ever to find new and engaging ways for our children to remain connected to Jesus and grow in their faith. TWJ can help with this. This way of praying helps children imagine Jesus with them in their daily life.

“When I listened to it, it made me feel that Jesus was my friend. It made me feel like He loved me.” Bethany, aged 10

“When I listened to it, it made me feel like I was with Him (Jesus) and I would be thinking about it all the time. It made me feel like He would help me whenever I needed help!”Anna, aged 8

“It really helped me to think of Him (Jesus) instead of someone who is up there in Heaven… He is here with us now, and we don’t need to be scared to talk to Him. He is not like the Queen of England where we have to speak in a special way either, we can just be ourselves.” Joseph, aged 12

“TWJ can be listened to it anywhere, anytime – in the car, while the kids go to sleep or as part of family prayer time – it’s a ready to use prayer resource for families! And it’s easy to have family discussions after each meditation, which gives you as a parent precious insight into the spiritual life of your child/ren,” said Cate Kensey.

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TWJ is available on CD or mp3 format and is a joint production of Beheld Media and Parousia.

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