And the winner is……Claudia LaFortune!!!! Claudia is another 10th grader who resides in the United States of America. Congratulations on second place Claudia! Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Christmas contests! Please let us know in the comments what kind of contests you’d like to see next!


Here is the poem Claudia wrote:

The Candles

Five candles flame amid the green

Each year at Christmastime,

Each reminds us of great things,

The words of God Divine.

First comes Promise, carrying on

Throughout the endless years,

The words that God has spoken to

His chosen peoples’ ears.

Then is lit the candle of Light,

He Who the paths of Israel trod,

Jesus Christ, the Light of the World,

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God.

Then the third, the flame of Love,

Reminds us of the reason

That Jesus Christ was born to us,

The Reason for the Season.

Then comes Hope, still burning bright,

Salvation for all the earth,

Jesus Christ, the Holy One,

The Lamb of greatest worth.

And then the pure white candle of Christ

Is lit on Christmas morn,

For unto us, a Son is given,

To us, a Child is born.

These candles remind us of Christ the King,

The Lord of all Creation,

The Promise of God, Light of the World,

Love of the Father, Hope of every nation.