Chivalry: The Lost Art Of Being A True Man

Check out these videos from the lead singers of the band “For King & Country.” The King they refer to in their name is Christ the King, and the country is, of course, Australia (where they were originally from.)

Not only do they have excellent music, they have also produced a full length movie titled ‘Priceless’ and have begun something called “The Priceless movement”.

Dads, sit down and watch these clips with your sons. They are very short but fantastic and contain information that every young man should know. We need to lead the charge and fight against the “dating” culture.

Ladies, share these with your husband, boyfriend or son because you deserve to be treated with respect, you are priceless.

Lesson 1 Chivalry: The Lost Art Of Being A True Man (4 minutes)

Lesson 2: What Do Girls Respect In A Guy? (4 minutes)

Lesson 3: In Protection Of The Princess. Chivalry In Action (5 minutes)

By the way, they were home schooled too!

2 thoughts on “Chivalry: The Lost Art Of Being A True Man

  1. I really admire these guys and the fantastic work they are doing. We love their message and music so much we took the whole family to see them at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on the 3rd of February. Some of us were lucky enough to also have a meet and greet session with Joel and Luke. Take the time to watch these videos they are really well produced.

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