I’m going to show you how to create this cool, boho bubble braid combo. Which is pretty simple to do, but the finished look is quite a unique and intricate hairstyle!

Items needed: 5 or more small rubber hairties, a tospy tail tool (You can find them at most 2 dollar shops, and other places like that. (; )
Time: 15-20 (just because the braids are small and a little time consuming)
Skill Level: Medium
Step by step instructions:
1.) Start by sectioning off some hair at the top of your hair and tie it back. (You can pull all the hair straight back or can do a middle or side part.) Make sure to cover the elastic by wrapping some hair around it, and then pin the end to secure it. Or you can use the topsy tail trick which I will explain down below. (I find this trick keeps the hair wrap much more secure than bobby pins.)

2.) Next, you are going to move down your tie back about an inch or so, and secure it off with another hair tie to create the bubble look. After securing with an elastic you’ll want to tug on the bubble a bit to create a puffier look.

See rest of tutorial here: Boho Bubble Braid Combo – Seton Girls’ Hairstyles 😉