Ok so a while back you all voted I do a tutorial on the hairstyle below, today I’m doing the tutorial, with a slight twist( 😉 ) on  the original version!

Items needed: a hair brush, comb, 4-5 small rubber hair ties, 1 hair tie, a small handful of bobby pins.

Skill level: medium

1. Take a section from the top of the head a do a simple 3 strand braid..

2.  pick up a small section of hair from the left..

3. twist this section, and then pull it out a little to look fuller..

4. pull the section through the furthest outside bump of the braid..

5. pin as needed..

6. repeat steps 2-5 …

7. continues this all the way down, once you run out of hair..

8.  secure all of the hair with an elastic..

9. then braid the hair..

10. and pancake the braid..

11. finally twist the braid up into a bun and you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed the faux twist updo. If you have any questions, need help with this hairstyle, or just want to say what you think of it, please leave a comment below.