Miracle of the Sun—Read all about it! Imagine yourself in Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917.It’s raining, and you are soaking wet, yet you are not going anywhere.You are standing alongside 70,000 people waiting… …waiting for a sign.

You see, the Blessed Mother had already appeared five times to Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta and she had promised a sign, and she always fulfills her promises.

The purpose of the sign was so all would believe.
If the sign happened, all would believe in the message of Our Lady of Fatima asking for prayer and conversion of life to avoid wars and to obtain peace.

People waited…

But then… suddenly the sun began to spin…. And the most spectacular of all events happened, as if in a gigantic movie screen: the sky.

The newspapers of the time published it and numerous pictures were taken.

Read all about it The MIRACLE OF THE SUN.

And the good and the bad believed; and the atheists proclaimed the glory of God.

Our Lady of Fatima had come and delivered her message to the world. If people did what she requested much misery would have been avoided. But to seal her message she made the sun spin and dance in the sky and 70,000 people saw it.

Check this amazing story and look at the pictures.

Another amazing thing was that, despite the fact that the Miracle of the Sun only lasted a few minutes, had you been standing there that day, you would have found you were no longer soaking wet, for within minutes, everyone was perfectly dry. No joke.

Go and see the photos.

I will pray for you as I always do, and ask Our Blessed Mother of Fatima that you too will devote your life to her.