March for the babies – Saturday 12th October 2013

Time: 1:00pm

Location: Treasury Gardens (starting at the south-west corner — Spring Street and Wellington Parade), Melbourne

Show your Support: Wear Pink and Blue

Assembly Point

Meet in the Treasury Gardens on the corner of Spring Street and Wellington Parade.

via Event Details.

3 thoughts on “March for the babies – Saturday 12th October 2013

  1. Health permitting, we’ll be there. We actually went to the 40 days for life site at Wellington Parade and prayed recently, and we’ll do it again. It is hard to get all the kids organised, but we all agreed it was well worth it. We all tried really hard beforehand not to quarrel and not to take any crankiness with us, as the people involved in abortion have lost how to love properly and we wanted to bring them love.
    i would encourage other families to go too. a worker came out and abused me for bringing children there, but it’s the children they really need to see. My youngest was playing with a barrel of monkeys and her angel helped her to be super cute that day. (I did have one child who was obstroperous!!) In the 40 days For Life book, they tell of one woman who couldn’t stop looking at the children praying before she went in, and who came back out joyfully, saying that the children made her change her mind. The children are the ones losing their lives, and people have forgotten just what they are actually getting rid of. Abortion centres need that reminder of families visibly present, conveying a future of hope and love…
    As a family we have now set aside the March for the Babies date each year to be involved, and we are pleased to see more people attending all the time. We didn’t always attend, life was too hectic, someone was sick etc..Finally, we drew the line and just went no matter what.
    Hey, why not come along and bring some love? God knows its needed!Hope we see you there! God Bless!


  2. Were y’all there? We heard about the violence all the way over here in the US. Hope you were not on the receiving end of any of the vitriol and violence.


    1. A number of us were there and witnessed much of what has been reported in the media which was disgraceful, though there is some good news. Read the story below:

      “I came to this rally and watched both sides with curiosity. I have to admit I was planning to join the ‘other side’ and I was pretty excited, it was to be my first ever rally. I got the shock of my life when I saw how ugly they were and I had to sit down to stop myself trembling. I am having triplets, cancelling my abortion on Monday morning. Thank you. My heart has been changed. – Melinda”

      God bless you Melinda


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