by Cheryl Hernandez

Why do we need ten reasons to attend daily Mass? God created us — the very reason we exist, living and breathing right now, is because of the goodness and infinite love of God, and we owe it to Him to spend time with Him every day. This should be enough of a reason for us. We have the chance to partake in the Body and Blood of Our Savior — His flesh mingled with our flesh. This also should be enough of a reason.

If we truly understood this, churches would be filled every day. Nothing would hold us back… but the reality is that churches are not filled. Perhaps it’s because we will never really understand the power or beauty of the Mass. As St. John Vianney said, “If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy.”

So it is my feeble attempt to offer a few more reasons why daily Mass is so important for our families, and although I think all of these reasons have merit, the list is presented from the “least” important to the most important, so keep reading to the end. Even though these reasons are specifically addressed to homeschooling families, Our Lord waits for each and every one of us to shower His graces upon, and He cannot be outdone in generosity.

10. Daily Mass will help put order in your homeschool.

9. Going to daily Mass teaches self-discipline.

8. Your children will have more opportunity to serve.

7. The repetition of attending daily Mass makes the Liturgy something familiar and loved.

6. Daily Mass is the perfect way to learn about the saints.

5. In 3 years of going to daily Mass, we will have read (almost) the entire Bible!

4. We can offer up our Mass for loved ones — living or deceased.

3. We are giving our children a foundation for life.

2. Daily Mass gives us the armor we and our children need to fight this earthy battle.

1. The more we attend Mass, the holier we will become!

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