On August 15th, we celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. The Church teaches that her body as well as her soul was assumed into Heaven. According to tradition, the apostles discovered her missing body only a few days after she was entombed. One of the apostles was late in arriving, so the others opened her tomb for him to see her, but her body was no longer there.

The Assumption of the Blessed Mother reminds us that we are not meant for this world, that God’s Plan is for us to remain only for a time on this planet. Our final and eternal destination is Heaven.

While we go about the usual day-to-day homeschooling, fixing meals, and planning daily events, we need to keep within us an awareness of the Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. We need to be constantly aware of our responsibility to adore Him continually in everything we say and do and think and work and pray.

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Of course today is also a holy day of obligation and so we are all bound to attend Mass at some time throughout the day. 

Novena Prayer in Honour of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Majestic Queen Assumed into Heaven, Mary, Mistress of the Angels, you received from God the power and commission to crush the head of Satan. We, therefore, humbly beseech you to send forth the angelic legions of Heaven, that under your command, they may seek out all evil spirits, engage them everywhere in battle, curb their insolence and hurl them back into hell.

Most High Queen of the Universe, Mary, Ever Virgin, you who bore the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour of all mankind, intercede for us and for those who have commended their prayer intentions to us,

O Mary, Mother of God, and our own Good and Tender Mother, You shall always be our hope and the object of our love.

Holy Archangels and Angels of God, defend us and lead us to heaven. Amen.

Mary assumed into Heaven, pray for us!