We had an excursion to the HMB Endeavour last Friday 27th April which was docked at the Waterfront City Marina, Docklands. Everyone had a great time and had the opportunity to experience what life was like on this amazing ship.

About the Endeavour: A replica of Captain Cook’s famous ship of discovery, HMB Endeavour, is displayed at the Australian National Maritime Museum as one of the nation’s foremost historical exhibits. The magnificent Endeavour is a full scale, Australian-built replica and one of the world’s most accurate maritime reproductions. On board the beautifully crafted ship, you glimpse a sailor’s life during one of history’s great maritime adventures, Cook’s epic 1768-71 world voyage.The museum maintains Endeavour for the public to experience 18th-century square-rig voyaging and seamanship by voyaging to other ports, where the ship berths and opens to the public. via http://www.endeavourvoyages.com.au/


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