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First Place at the Film Factor Short Film Festival goes to……………………..

Andrew for writing and directing Anarka. Andrew did a great job in producing this 8 minute film based on his original story and script. But of course could not have done this without his co-stars Paul, James and Daniel. Andrew received a Plaque, Mini Flip HD camera and $100.00 to be shared among the cast.

If you hadn’t seen our earlier post from July this year Clear Vision Films, together with The Excursion Factor ran a short film festival on Saturday night 10th September. It was held at the Signal fine arts studio which is located behind Flinders street station in the city. Signal is Melbourne’s first arts studio dedicated to people aged 13 to 20 interested in a wide range of art forms. Signal provides opportunities to work with professional artists across all art forms. About Signal.

The festival was judged by an independent panel of four made up from some emerging young actors from the TV industry and had the support of The Home Education Network.

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It was a great night with a terrific result for Andrew and the boys. Now sit back and enjoy the winning film below.

Rated PG: Some scenes may frighten small children. Running time 8 minutes.

Dog playing basketball

8th April The Way of the Cross movie

The children dressed up and enacted the Way of the Cross around the grounds at Iona. This was filmed and later edited by the older children. All the children from big to little ones got to play a part in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

We were also fortunate to have Father Speekman give the children a talk on the 4 relationships broken in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned. He demonstrated this by having the children take on the roles of God, Adam, Eve and the Devil.

The Flood at Iona Movie Feb 2011

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