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What do you do if there is a collision in the Burnley Tunnel?

Take a detour and drive along the beach, have icecreams and a history lesson!

Last Friday we were driving home from a Strathmore Home-Ed sports afternoon before 4pm to find as we approached the Bolte Bridge that the traffic in the lane leading to the Burnley Tunnel had completely stopped and the sign read ‘Collision in Burnley Tunnel Expect Delays’. So should we sit in stand still traffic when the afternoon peak was about to begin or get off at Todd Road?  We decided to get off Citylink and go through Beacon Cove, drive up close to the Spirit of Tasmania and the P & O Liner which were in port, continue through St. Kilda and along Beach Road and in a very short time we were way past the inner city suburbs. We turned off Beach Road at Half Moon Bay to find a beach kiosk only to discover we had ended up at the site of the scuttled HMVS/HMAS Cerberus.

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Update: All Saints Party 28th October

We had our All Saints Party and it was a great success. The children chose their saints and dressed up in some great costumes. They read a brief biography of their saint. The older children told us about one of their chosen saints’ virtues that they would like to imitate as they strive for holiness themselves. Everyone had alot of fun with all kinds of games and activities to do with the saints.


Misty Downs Nursery and Tangled Maze Term 2

It was a great day and enjoyed by all. The Mini Golf was a hit (and miss!) and the kids loved the challenge of the maze. Set on top of a hill, the view was picturesque and there were plenty of tables and chairs to sit down and enjoy lunch and afternoon tea.

8th April The Way of the Cross movie

The children dressed up and enacted the Way of the Cross around the grounds at Iona. This was filmed and later edited by the older children. All the children from big to little ones got to play a part in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

We were also fortunate to have Father Speekman give the children a talk on the 4 relationships broken in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned. He demonstrated this by having the children take on the roles of God, Adam, Eve and the Devil.

Sports Day at Strathmore





Nerf War at Iona

The kids had a good time setting up barricades and having an all out nerf gun battle in the classrooms last Friday.

24th June

We learnt more of some of the miracles of the Eucharist by having the children break up into small groups and after being given a script, practised and then acted out the story of the Eucharistic Miracle for the group. St Tarcisius, St Clare of Assisi and St Anthony and the Donkey were the subjects of our short performances.

11th March

This was our Lenten activity – A Salt Dough Crown of Thorns. For each Lenten sacrifice a family member makes, he or she pulls a toothpick out of the crown. This activity makes a great visual reminder of Christ’s suffering: Parents can explain to their children that sin brings additional pain to Jesus’ suffering and good works can comfort Him and show our love for Him.


PE included a number of ball games.

11th February first day for the year.

The first day of the year went well. There were a number of activities both inside and out with games of twister dodge ball and twister scram. The art activity involved making a grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Centuries ago in Western Europe, far from any village, faithful shepherds tending their flocks decorated grottos – cave-like openings – and used them as a place to kneel and pray homage to Our Lady and Jesus.

The children continued that devotion to Our Lady by creating their own special grotto using icypole sticks semi-precious stones and cardboard to recall the colorful crystal formations often found in ancient grottos.

The idea came via MARIAN GROTTO CRAFT KIT- OUR LADY OF LOURDES-Catholic Child Catalog

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