My Scrunchie Shop is Live!!

Hey everyone! Clare here, 🙂 I’ve been working on launching an online scrunchie store for a while, and now I’m excited to announce that as of today is now live to shop! I have a variety of scrunchies, ranging from AU$10-7.50 (Approx. USD$6.90-5.15) which includes FREE international shipping. Now you might be wondering about why I chose the name Único Scrunchies for my shop. Basically Único is the word Unique in … Continue reading My Scrunchie Shop is Live!!

Diy Easter Hairstyles

I’ve rounded up a couple of hairstyles from my website Seton girls’ hairstyles which I think would be perfect to wear for Easter! (All links to the tutorials are embedded in the pictures.) 1.) Sabrina’s holiday half-up is so pretty, and great for any length of hair. To really make it fancy you could add some curls, but I think it’s great either way. 2.) … Continue reading Diy Easter Hairstyles

Christmas/Holiday Hairstyles!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing with you 10 hairstyles from my website Seton Girls’ Hairstyles which would be perfect for Christmas/ the holidays! Most of them are 100% DIY, with fairly simple tutorials, so I hope you’ll check some of them out and maybe even wear one of them for Christmas or during the holidays! (: {All the links for the actual tutorials are in … Continue reading Christmas/Holiday Hairstyles!

Boho Bubble Braid Combo – Seton Girls’ Hairstyles

I’m going to show you how to create this cool, boho bubble braid combo. Which is pretty simple to do, but the finished look is quite a unique and intricate hairstyle! Items needed: 5 or more small rubber hairties, a tospy tail tool (You can find them at most 2 dollar shops, and other places like that. (; ) Time: 15-20 (just because the braids are … Continue reading Boho Bubble Braid Combo – Seton Girls’ Hairstyles