Breakthrough | Movie Review 

“Breakthrough is a must-see, entertaining, powerful, convicting, heartrending story about the real-life incident of a boy who fell through some ice and had no pulse for a longer period than any doctor thought possible when he then miraculously revived. Each character, believers and unbelievers, undergoes a tremendous journey in Breakthrough, an inspiring movie that will make you laugh and cry.”-via         … Continue reading Breakthrough | Movie Review 

Indivisible | Movie Review

“INDIVISIBLE is based on a true story about an army chaplain and his family, who must overcome personal and spiritual obstacles when the chaplain goes to war for the first time in Iraq, during the “surge” in 2007. INDIVISIBLE is a high-quality, God-honoring, emotional ride, which promotes a deep dedication to Christian faith and realistic Christian support for military families.”-via INDIVISIBLE | Movieguide | Movie … Continue reading Indivisible | Movie Review

First Place at the Film Factor Short Film Festival goes to……………………..

Andrew for writing and directing Anarka. Andrew did a great job in producing this 8 minute film based on his original story and script. But of course could not have done this without his co-stars Paul, James and Daniel. Andrew received a Plaque, Mini Flip HD camera and $100.00 to be shared among the cast. If you hadn’t seen our earlier post from July this … Continue reading First Place at the Film Factor Short Film Festival goes to……………………..