Christmas/Holiday Hairstyles!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing with you 10 hairstyles from my website Seton Girls’ Hairstyles which would be perfect for Christmas/ the holidays! Most of them are 100% DIY, with fairly simple tutorials, so I hope you’ll check some of them out and maybe even wear one of them for Christmas or during the holidays! (: {All the links for the actual tutorials are in … Continue reading Christmas/Holiday Hairstyles!

Super Easy Formal Ponytail – Seton Girls’ Hairstyles

Hey everyone! Today I’m back here to show you how to create this super simple fancy ponytail! It can be dressed up or down as desired. If you can do a ponytail, you can do this hairstyle! It’s super easy and won’t take you long at all! Plus, you don’t have to use any bobby pins! << see the rest of my tutorial here>>: Super Easy … Continue reading Super Easy Formal Ponytail – Seton Girls’ Hairstyles

How to do a Loop Braid

My really important tip is that you wet done the hair so that it is easier to work with and it will help the braid to stay secure. What you will need: Brush or comb, spray bottle, 1 small hair elastic, and hairspray. Time: 10-15 minutes Skill Level: Hard Step-by-Step: Begin by brushing all the hair away from the face… Take a small section of hair, near the … Continue reading How to do a Loop Braid