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Catholic Homeschool Camp 2013 – Only Four Places Left

Only Four Places Left.

We warmly extend an invitation to all Australian Catholic Home Educating families to join us for our 13th annual Catholic homeschool camp!!

  • When: 9-13th September
  • Where: The Lismore Diocese.
  • Camp Drewe, Lennox Head, NSW
  • Two hours south of Brisbane, nine hours north of Sydney.

For more information go to Seven Little Australians and Counting: Catholic Homeschool Camp 2013 – Only Four Places Left.

News from Catholic Heritage Curricula

Educating for Eternity E-newsletter
November 21, 2012Dear CHC Family,A CHC family who spins and weaves their ‘home-grown’ wool shares their experience searching for a daughter’s first spinning wheel: “Never, never buy a used spinning wheel. Invariably, someone has a beautiful old spinning wheel that they will be happy to sell you–but then you get it home and find out it’s missing a tiny but vital part. All that money spent, and the spinning wheel is useless.”This story really hits home this time of year, when we are frequently contacted by moms wondering ‘what to do now’ about materials that were purchased used, only to discover that the materials are missing parts. When segments of the program are missing, the program is incomplete, which can lead to gaps in a child’s skills. Sadly, we can’t take apart the new materials on our shelves to supply the missing pieces!Like a novice spinner, buyers might be unaware that the used book or program is incomplete because, not having used the program previously, they might not even recognize that there are missing parts. Further, there is no real assurance that the used materials, purchased sight unseen, are intact. Instead of saving, money is wasted because now it is necessary to purchase a second copy of the materials.We earnestly desire that your homeschooling experience is joyful and free of frustrations; please, be aware when purchasing used curriculum.May your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and be ‘woven together’ in His love, wisdom, and understanding as you homeschool for eternity.
Theresa JohnsonP.S. In response to families requesting to purchase CHC’s student courses, they are now available separately from the lesson plans. You can view the growing list at this link:
Reading Comprehension Vintage Tales imageReading Comprehension: Vintage TalesPreviously included as a student course in CHC Lesson Plans: Third Grade. Now available separately!Comprehension Questions for…
Artie and the Princess by Marjorie Torrey
The Little Apostle on Crutches by Henriette Delamare
Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls by Caryll Houselander
Pre-orders now accepted!
Program will be shipped the first week of December.85.png Tour a Country:
Learning about Other Lands & PeoplesPreviously included as a student course in CHC Lesson Plans: Third Grade. Now in full color and available separately!This Catholic Social Studies course provides a fully-guided tour of different countries which have been selected for their historical, geographical, and cultural features. Your child will be “touring” a country each month and creating a travel brochure for each. By the end of the year your child will have completed eight travel brochures and have a passport full of exciting memories!
Building Good Character image Building Good Character:
God Made Me to be Part of a Family
Previously included as a student course in CHC Lesson Plans: First Grade. Now available separately!The use of Character-Building Cards is a positive way to reinforce good behavior and the practice of virtue and courtesy in young children. This course includes 32 large illustrated character cards on heavy cardstock covering five main topics: Respect, Charity, Attitude, Virtue, Church Manners.
Preparing to Receive Jesus imagePreparing to Receive Jesus:
A Hands-On Religion Resource
Previously included as a student course in CHC Lesson Plans: Second Grade. Now available separately!This course includes 150 pages of hands-on activities to help “bring to heart” the lessons your child is learning in the catechism as preparation for receiving the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion. Church tour, prayer charts, crafts, handmade prayer books, and more. Topics include:

  • “Holy Manners”
  • “Prayer: Handmade Prayer Book Project”
  • “Holy Rosary Book: At the Feet of Mary”
  • “Reconciliation”
  • “Holy Mass: Handmade Mass Book Project”
  • “Preparing Our Hearts to Receive Jesus”
Sense of the Sacred by Dominic de Souza
A selection of beautiful and detailed line drawings to color and display.

Now available as
an E-Book:
A Catholic-How-to-Drawby Andrea Helen SmithStep-by-step instructions allow children to draw, trace, and color over 30 inspiring Catholic subjects.

CHC High School Writing, Level II


Enrollment is now OPEN for Level II’s twelve-week course in high school expository and essay writing. Prepare your student for high school and college-level composition! View more details at this link.
61.png Religious Sisters Gift Set62.png Bush Boys Gift Set63.png
Young Ladies’ Gift Set64.png
Young Child’s Library
Gift Set
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Catholic Heritage Curricula – Summer Enrichment Program


+ June 23, 2012


Catholic Heritage Curricula invites you to try our Summer Enrichment Program! We offer materials that can be used for remedial reading, math, and spelling; or for wholesome summer activities and enrichment to keep skills up and children excited at the wonder of discovery over the long summer break from school.

Phonics, reading, spelling, and math workbooks may be used for catch-up tutoring in the child’s comforting, supportive home environment. (For remedial work, select materials that are suited to the ability of the child.)

As the student progresses through the work, point out to him the areas that he/she has mastered, praising him/her for his achievement. When the student’s weak areas begin to show, slow down a bit to make sure he/she understands the new concept. Then remind him that, just as he mastered previous concepts, he will soon master this one. Praise, praise, praise.

Students who are ahead of their grade level and thrive on challenges might use materials above their grade level, also suited to their abilities.

Or perhaps your family would like to create a summer of memories, exploring the wonders of God’s creation through simple astronomy; bird study; or teaching your children how to whittle; or to cook over an open fire. See Tin Cups and Tinder, The Young Man’s Handybook, or Pilgrims of the Holy Family. Would your daughter like to learn simple sewing and cooking skills with Mom or Grandma this summer? Create memories with Sewing with Saint Anne or Tea and Cake with the Saints.

Whether your child needs tutoring, or engaging enrichment activities, Catholic Heritage Curricula’s Summer Enrichment Program gives your family the tools to fill summer days with wholesome, character-building activities.

Praying God’s blessing and protection on your family this summer,

Theresa Johnson

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Sue Patrick’s Workbox System

An effective teaching system to reduce your organizational time and increase your child’s self-control, independence and learning.

This system will complement your existing curriculum!

Sue Patrick’s Workbox System has two very important components.  The first component teaches you how to optimize the benefits of homeschooling.  One of the reasons we home school is to provide the best teaching and learning environment for our children.  I will show you how to present your child’s work with purpose and fun, and allow you to be more systematic with appropriate materials.

I will explain how to make your current curriculum and work “make sense” to your child.  Often a child’s ability to succeed simply depends on having the material presented in smaller pieces that are especially tailored to him.  Also, presenting his material throughout the day with variety and enhanced teaching “angles” will make sure he truly learns.  While this is great for all children, I can address teaching low functioning children as well as gifted and distractible ones.

The second component is the physical structure of Sue Patrick’s Workbox Systemsm which will allow you to teach your child more effectively, and at the same time help you to better organize your school day.  Children using this system stay more focused and are more successful in learning and completing their school work independently.  With as little as one day’s work in restructuring your classroom, you will provide better organization for you and your child.  It will then be easier to set up a school day of curriculum, variety and fun, while steering your child toward independence and greater focus.

via Sue Patrick’s Workbox System.

Catholic Heritage Curricula

Catholic Heritage Curricula CHC was founded in 1993 with one simple goal: to aid and support Catholic families in educating their children for eternity.

Years ago, the two families from which CHC sprang lived in isolated, rural communities in Oregon and California. Without access to parochial schools, but desiring a Catholic education for their children, they turned to homeschooling. Like you, they sought materials that would provide sound academics while also tenderly nurturing in little souls a love for their Heavenly Father.

Gathering from the wisdom and experience of homeschoolers living in all parts of the world, CHC developed a gentle, flexible approach to academics that avoids ‘burnout,’ and instead lays a joyful foundation, resulting in children who achieve at and above grade level. CHC’s lesson plans and materials are constructed to allow maximum choice and flexibility to fit your student, while at the same time providing a complete education. CHC’s educational program is absolutely faithful to the Magisterium, low in cost, solidly academic, but easily taught at home.

  • CHC provides curricula to educate your children from Pre-K right through high school.
  • There are no tuition or enrollment fees, simply the cost of the materials.
  • CHC has a support staff consisting of certified teachers to answer your homeschool questions at no charge and with no prior enrollment required.

I began homeschooling my third grader and kindergartner last year right in the midst of expecting baby number four. All my friends and family kept asking me how I was surviving with all the transitions. I kept thinking I must have been doing something wrong because everything seemed to fall into place so easily during our school hours—even with a super-rowdy 3 year-old and a newborn! As I began planning for my second year, I started to order books from other programs because I was wondering what I was missing—there is so much out there! I realized about two weeks into school this September what a huge mistake I had made. Everything in school seemed so chaotic. CHC is so organized, so Catholic, and so mom and housework-still-needs-to-get-done friendly that I’ve been gradually restocking my curriculum with CHC materials to get back on track in my school and home. Now the three year old is enjoying many of the preschool materials, my six-year-old is reading at a third grade level and my fourth grader knows how to organize himself and get work down without me having to sit with him for hours on end. … Thank you, thank you, thank you. — Maureen, MO

via About – Catholic Heritage Curricula.