Diy Basic Wand Curls

Here’s how to do some basic wand curls, the wand I used for these curls was a conical curling wand, size 32mm-19mm. Items needed: curling wand, hair sectioning clips, hairspray…. Begin by sectioning of your hair into 3 even sections (one bottom, one middle and one top) depending on the thickness of your hair you may not need to have as many sections. Once your … Continue reading Diy Basic Wand Curls

How to create a Fishtail braid (diy video)

So today I wanted to show you 2 different ways that you can wear a fishtail braid, I really like how with a fishtail braid you make it look so different by just adding bigger/smaller sections into the braid. It is also very easy to do, in fact if you know how to do a normal 3 strand plait you can definitely do this one. … Continue reading How to create a Fishtail braid (diy video)