Face Masks & New Arrivals at Unico Scrunchies!

A few months back I posted on here that I had just opened an online scrunchie store. Today I want to share some of my new arrivals to my store, along with a special discount code you can use to purchase items. ********* #1:¬†Lemon Printed Cotton Face Mask If you have to wear a mask, why not wear a cute printed one? #2: Avocado Scrunchie … Continue reading Face Masks & New Arrivals at Unico Scrunchies!

Tips to Catch Up When You’re (really) Behind in Highschool | Part 2

Sorry for this not going up in the next week after I posted part 1. As everyone knows it’s been a crazy last couple of weeks. But anyway, today I’m sharing 4 more tips to help you catch up on school (right now is a great time to start ūüėČ ).   1. If you are taking an online course, print out the chapter! This … Continue reading Tips to Catch Up When You’re (really) Behind in Highschool | Part 2

Tips to Catch Up When You’re (really) Behind in Highschool | Prt 1

I originally wrote this article for Seton Magazine back in August 2017, and it was published by the Bayley Bulletin in January 2018. Whether, you live in Australia and have just started the year, or in America and currently half way through your school year, I hope some of these tips will help you out. ūüėČ ______________   Weeks behind in school?¬† And just don‚Äôt … Continue reading Tips to Catch Up When You’re (really) Behind in Highschool | Prt 1

My Scrunchie Shop is Live!!

Hey everyone! Clare here, ūüôā I‚Äôve been working on¬†launching an online scrunchie store for a while, and now I‚Äôm excited to announce that as of today is now¬†live to shop! I have a variety of scrunchies, ranging from AU$10-7.50 (Approx. USD$6.90-5.15) which includes FREE international shipping. Now you might be wondering about why I chose the name¬†√önico¬†Scrunchies for my shop. Basically¬†√önico¬†is the word Unique in … Continue reading My Scrunchie Shop is Live!!

Overcomer | Movie Review

OVERCOMER is another very well-produced movie created by the Kendrick Brothers. The storytelling, acting and cinematography are wonderful. Some actors deliver their lines more poignantly, but in the end everyone adds significantly to the movie’s sweet, inspiring tone. Hannah’s character transformation is particularly powerful. Eventually, Hannah learns to find her identity in the Lord while navigating a host of obstacles.~Via MovieGuide.com Our Movie Review Disclaimer Plugged In Overcomer review Dove Overcomer review Continue reading Overcomer | Movie Review

3 Ways to Style a Scrunchie

Today I‚Äôm going to be showing you three ways your can wear a scrunchie in your hair! Hairstyle No. 1:¬†Knotted Pigtail Bun¬†with a Scrunchie 1.) To start off with, do a bun in your hair, it can be any kind of¬†bun, though I did¬†Sophia‚Äôs knotted pigtail bun.. 2.) Then pick out a scrunchie, put it over your bun, and you‚Äôre done! Hairstyle No 2: Simple … Continue reading 3 Ways to Style a Scrunchie

Haven’t Seen it Yet-Danny Gokey | Music Review

  “This brand new studio album speaks of the promises yet to come, and encourages listeners to “push through” so they can see what God has planned for their lives. Featuring guest appearances from Mandisa and Michael W. Smith and encouraging anthems such as “No Pressure” and “Wanted,”Haven’t Seen It Yet gives hope to those who need to hear of God’s love and new mercies. … Continue reading Haven’t Seen it Yet-Danny Gokey | Music Review

Diy Easter Hairstyles

I’ve rounded up a couple of hairstyles from my website Seton girls’ hairstyles which I think would be perfect to wear for Easter! (All links to the tutorials are embedded in the pictures.) 1.) Sabrina’s holiday half-up is so pretty, and great for any length of hair. To really make it fancy you could add some curls, but I think it’s great either way. 2.) … Continue reading Diy Easter Hairstyles