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On March 20, we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph

Source: On March 19, we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph

Struggling With a Bad Habit? This Lent – Give It Up Forever!

Andrew Murphy suggests a new approach to Lenten penances. Instead of giving up a bad habit or something like chocolate for 40 days, give up it up forever!

Source: Struggling With a Bad Habit? This Lent – Give It Up Forever!


From Moses to Job to Jesus, the most intrepid heroes in scripture knew times of trouble that multiplied like a plague-—but always led, in the end, to mighty celebration.

It’s easy to assume such stories of trial and triumph are for the Bible’s books or the history books. But miracles happen, even when adversity hits hardest. Just ask Josh Havens, guitarist and lead vocalist of the Afters. He relates how the band’s latest effort, Live on Forever began during a season of tragedy read more via their site under ABOUT


The Afters are a great US-based Christian band with a positive and powerful message. As well as the usual places like iTunes, Amazon and their own site you can also purchase their cd via Koorong

Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday


From the bulletin of St Gerard’s Catholic Church

Christmas Flash Mob by Journey of Faith at South Bay Galleria

The Personal Ordinariate of OLSC, Gippsland


I am a Catholic priest in the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, a new non-geographical diocese of the Catholic Church here in Australia. We are established by Pope Benedict XVI, in 2012, under Anglicanorum Coetibus (AC), a way for former Anglican ministers and their congregations to come into communion with the Catholic Church. We are not Anglicans, we are not liberal, and we are not in any way supportive of any teachings on faith and morals that is not supported by the Magisterium.

We are fiercely faithful to the Magisterium (see article AC §5 The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the authoritative expression of the Catholic faith professed by members of the Ordinariate) as codified in the Catechism. While we do not celebrate mass in Latin we do have our own Missal, we worship Ad Orientum, church language is classical English, we sing the mass, and take communion in both kinds kneeling.

I know of some homeschoolers in the Gippsland area in Bruthen and Orbost. Are there others?

It is possible to offer a small programme of confession, spiritual direction, catechesis (using the Baltimore Catechism), and support for sacramental preparation, if needed. How can I help?

At present I run a small parish at Heyfield on a Sunday morning, and mass on a Wednesday at Cowwarr.

If you want to know more, our blog is

Fr Ken Clark Episcopal Vicar The Personal Ordinariate of OLSC

Catholic Home Schooling – Seton Home Study School

Seton Home Study School is an accredited Catholic home schooling apostolate under the Roman Catholic bishop of Arlington, Virginia. We provide curricula, materials, grading, counseling, record-keeping, online testing, standardized testing, and other services, including personalized online assignment management.

Source: Catholic Home Schooling – Seton Home Study School

Seton Summer Quarter Art Challenge – Bayley Bulletin


Congratulations to Paul for winning the Grade 12 level Art challenge for – “Elijah Assumed”


Click here to read more: Seton Summer Quarter Art Challenge – Bayley Bulletin

March for the Babies – Melbourne Saturday 8th October 1pm

The annual March for Babies in Melbourne will be held on Saturday 8th October, 2016.

The march commences at 1pm in the Treasury Gardens (meet at the corner of Spring Street and Wellington Parade)

Show your Support: Wear Pink and Blue For further information go to March for the babies

Also, the evening before, Youth for Life Australia will be holding their annual Defend Life Dinner Click here for the dinner flyer


In one state, more children homeschool than attend private schools. Why that shouldn’t shock you. | Opinion | LifeSite

Overall, homeschooling costs less than public education and produces better results.

Source: In one state, more children homeschool than attend private schools. Why that shouldn’t shock you. | Opinion | LifeSite

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