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Hey everyone, today I’m going to be sharing some modest summer/spring clothes for 2020. (this might be a part 1 since there’s a lot of things I can share 😉 )

Several years ago here on the blog I shared a post ‘Where to find Fashionable Modest Dresses‘ which has been one of our most popular posts.

Instead of sharing specific modest clothing websites today (Since they’re mostly based overseas) I’m going to share some of my modest clothing finds from 2 regular Aussie clothing stores.

#1 Cotton On.

While I would say that 50-70% of Cotton On’s clothing wouldn’t be considered ‘modest’ they still have a great variety of  items to choose from, and I actually would say a good amount of my wardrobe is from here. They also have an awesome rewards system which you can sign up to for free and receive points every time you purchase something which will add up into $10 vouchers which you can spend on anything in store, including sale items!

#2 Ally Fashion

Again, with ally fashion, the vast number of items they have to offer are not very modest, however they have some great midi & maxi skirts to choose from and often run some good sales.


The One Crew Tee from Cotton On

For years Cotton On has had a great range of different plain coloured t-shirts with varying necklines. If you’re after a nice simple t-shirt with a nice neckline I would recommend their ‘One Crew Tees’ . They’re great quality, and I’ve noticed the ones that they have at the moment are a little thicker than normal tees making them less likely to be as see-through. They’re also a little bit longer in front and back if you prefer some extra coverage. 😉 Currently, there are 11 different colours to choose from.


Midi and maxi skirts are super on trend at the moment, and the great thing about that is that they’re also modest! You can take advantage of that and find some great options which will last you for years to come!


Animal Print Frill Hem Maxi Skirt from Ally Fashion

I actually just purchased this skirt last week. It’s great quality and fully lined which is a huge bonus! Since it can still be a little chilly at the moment, I paired it with a black top and denim jacket with some sandles.

Frill Hem Midi Skirt from Cotton On

This is another cute option and they have quite a few different ones available online right now.


Puff Sleeve Midi Dress From Ally Fashion

A nice and simple pretty pink dress.

Puff Sleeve Swing Midi Dress From Ally Fashion

This dress looks so nice and flowy – perfect for the warmer weather!

Elsa Short Sleeve Midi Dress From Cotton On

When looking through the midi dresses on the Cotton On website just now, I came across this dress which is actually the same design as one I purchased last summer from them (just a different print). I was after a shorter summer dress (ie knee length) but couldn’t find any, so I bought one like this and simply cut & re-hemmed it to the length I wanted (I’m a only about 5’3 so sometimes midi lengths aren’t too flattering on me 😉 ) and then sewed up the split and had a really pretty & modest summer dress. The dress shown here comes in 4 different prints and I would recommend if you’re looking for a nice summer dress since it has a great neckline and sleeves – all you need to do to make it modest is sew up the split to an appropriate length.


Elastic Back Wide Leg Pant From Ally Fashion

If you’re after some comfy pants which you can dress up or down in the warm weather, these are a nice option. I think they’re actually almost the same as a pair I bought from Ally Fashion 2 years ago which I’ve worn non-stop in the summer months.

While all are not modest here are some links to more Ally Fashion skirts which for the most part are quite nice:

Maxi Skirts: https://allyfashion.com/womens/skirts/?cat=5674

Midi Skirts: https://allyfashion.com/womens/skirts/?cat=5671


That’s all I have for today. If you’re after more modest items please let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll be happy to search around and find some more options to share with you.

I also have some great tips and tricks on how to make certain ‘immodest’ items modest, so please let me know if you like hear more tips and tricks down in the comments, and I’ll write another post!