A few months back I posted on here that I had just opened an online scrunchie store. Today I want to share some of my new arrivals to my store, along with a special discount code you can use to purchase items.


#1: Lemon Printed Cotton Face Mask

If you have to wear a mask, why not wear a cute printed one?

Cotton Face Mask Australian Made image 0

#2: Avocado Scrunchie

To follow on from the lemon print, I have this avocado scrunchie:

Avocado Scrunchie Hair Tie Hair Scrunchie Hair Accessory image 1

#4: Llama Cactus Print Scrunchie

And next, I have this fun Llama (or donkey? :D) printed scrunchie:

Llama Cactus Scrunchie Hair Tie Hair Scrunchie Hair image 1

#5: Mermaid Multi-Coloured Scrunchie

Mermaid Multi-Coloured Scrunchie Hair Tie Hair Scrunchie image 1

#6: Navy Printed Scrunchie Scarf

Why not have the best of both hair accessories, with this combined scrunchie/hair scarf!

Navy Patterned Scrunchie Scarf Hair Tie Hair Scarf Hair image 0


#7: Limited Edition Gift Pack!

Annd, last but not least, I have this fun crafty gift pack, which comes with the choice of either a pink or grey velvet scrunchie!

Limited Edition Snail Mail Gift Pack DIY Card Making Kit image 0


And as promised, here is a special discount for you, which gives 15% off your order when you purchase 2 or more items from my store: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/UnicoScrunchies?coupon=2FOR20