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Chesterton Quotes – On the Education System

“The purpose of Compulsory Education is to deprive the common people of their common sense”

The Man and the Serpent

I find myself completely and utterly confused that such laws exist which prevent the killing of a poisonous snake which may cause great harm to people and yet there are no such laws protecting unborn human beings even up to the moment of birth. In fact, there are laws which allow the killing of such a person if it is undesired or an inconvenience. Yet being bitten and killed by a snake is also inconvenient and definitely undesirable in my opinion so someone has gone wrong somewhere. read more

Clare’s Costly Cookie

Grace to you, and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ! Welcome to the home of Nativity Press, a brand new Roman Catholic publisher of children’s literature that joyfully invites children and young people to place Jesus Christ at the centre of their lives and follow Him faithfully – with joy, courage, and love.

Nativity Press is delighted to announce the publication of its first book, Clare’s Costly Cookie: A Young Heart Discovers the Way of Love.

In Clare’s Costly Cookie, nine-year-old Clare, a thunderbolt in pigtails, joyfully invites children to experience her transformation from a strong-willed, self-absorbed child to a faithful follower of Jesus. With grace and courage she offers to Him the most meaningful gift she possibly can: her self-will.

Clare, in her inimitable way, models for children that following Jesus Christ and striving for true holiness are worth any cost. With spirit and spunk she demonstrates for young readers that living the holy Catholic faith is not only exciting, but better than gooey, warm chocolate chip cookies!

“What Julie is contributing with her book is the fostering of a personal and prayerful relationship between the child and God with the character of simplicity and spontaneity. This little book, manifesting a succession of childlike dialogues with God in total simplicity and trust, will help the children of our time to take the habit to pray throughout the day…”

Father Antoine Thomas, csj

Founder, Children of Hope

via Home | Nativity Press.

This newly published book by Julie Kelly (homeschooling mother of 6) would make great Lenten Reading! Go to to read a sample chapter or to order.

Clare’s Costly Cookie is also available through Seton Home Study School, Catholic Heritage Curricula, Holy Heroes and at Catholic Free shipping

Budding authors might like to read how Julie published her book Click here or right click and choose to “save as”.

A Quote To Contemplate

The time one spends on this earth must surely seem very short after spending but a little time in eternity. And yet it all depends upon the way we live whether our eternity  will be one of happiness and joy, or of sadness and misery.


St. Patrick: The Irish Legend (TV Movie 2000)

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

This is the first ever feature film depicting the life of the world-famous Irish hero. Armed with only courage and conviction, Patrick’s unwavering belief that good conquers evil would liberate Ireland and alter the course of history. Patrick Bergin, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates, and Susannah York star in this lush production filmed on location in Ireland.

Patrick is born in Britain, the privileged son of nobility. At the age of 16, he is kidnapped by Irish raiders and enslaved by a cruel druid chieftain. Six years later, following many vivid dreams and visions of destiny, Patrick escapes and returns home to England and a sheltered life with his loving parents Concessa and Calpornius.

Troubled by new visions of the Irish people pleading to be freed from enslavement and hardship, he returns to the turbulent country intent on liberating the nation. His mission is jeopardized by British Bishop Quentin, who believes the Irish are warlike heathens, but his unwavering courage in the face of adversity ultimately forces Ireland to abruptly turn in a direction that changed history forever.


via St. Patrick: The Irish Legend (TV Movie 2000) – IMDb.

Rated PG for violence.

Dove approved for ages 12 and over

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Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure

holy heroes
Here are some great Lenten activities for the children for each day of Lent.  Subscribe for free and each day’s activities are emailed to you.
Or if you prefer to have things organized ahead of time order the 3 activity books which cover Ash Wenesday to Divine Mercy Sunday and can be reused each year from The Mustard Seed Bookshop in Sydney.  Please note the Lenten Roadmap is not available in Australia and the postage is expensive from the USA.  The Daily Clue answers can just be written up on your own chart.

Shrove Tuesday – 2014

A salt dough crown of thorns

A few families got together for Shrove Tuesday, shared a pancake lunch and made a salt dough crown of thorns in preparation for Lent.

A Salt Dough Crown of Thorns. For each Lenten sacrifice a family member makes, he or she pulls a toothpick out of the crown. This activity makes a great visual reminder of Christ’s suffering: Parents can explain to their children that sin brings additional pain to Jesus’ suffering and good works can comfort Him and show our love for Him. 

For more information

A Miracle Down Under

Power of prayer … Peter and Sue Hill with their daughter Claire. Photo: Dallas Kilponen

Girl blessed by Pope run over by her father with a bus.

Posted on February 21, 2011 by wpbladmin

PETER HILL’S life has been peppered with signs.

Years ago, all four tyres blew out one after the other when he suggested to his future wife in the car that God created all things and therefore must be responsible for evil.

More recently (2008), Pope Benedict XVI kissed his baby daughter, Claire, at Randwick in Sydney while in the midst of a throng of devotees.

And then, on Tuesday afternoon (back in 2011), he rolled his 22-seater bus on top of her in a queue for petrol on the South Coast.

When he saw the three-year-old lodged under the dual rear wheels of the four-tonne vehicle, Mr Hill was certain that Claire was dead.

But this morning she is likely to be sent home from hospital with little more than grazes and minor bruising (and she was).

The tyre marks were yesterday visible on her tiny abdomen, but she astounded her parents and medical specialists by surviving the ordeal without internal injuries, broken bones or lasting physical damage of any kind.

As Claire lay in bed at Sydney Children’s Hospital with a Catholic prayer book, red-eyed but smiling and talkative, she said it was her dad and God that saved her.

Her father struggled to find an explanation for his youngest child’s remarkable escape.

”I couldn’t think anything other than a guardian angel was holding that bus up and keeping the weight off her,” Mr Hill said.

”I jumped in the driver’s seat and just rolled forward,” he said. ”And Claire opened the door and hopped out of the car, and the next thing I know, someone’s banging on the bus. I went to look and saw Claire lying underneath the two back wheels, pinned to the ground. At that moment I thought: ‘God, I’ve killed her.’ ”

His wife, Sue Hill, a mother of 11, was inclined to believe in the power of prayer.

”I had put a miraculous medal [of Mother Mary] on her just an hour before,” she said. As Claire lay at the Woolworths service station in Nowra, Mrs Hill told her to pray to Jesus and Mother Mary.

In the hours that followed, family and friends on the South Coast and beyond reached out through church and social networks to draw hundreds more into prayer, she said.

”All my children rang all these other families,” Mrs Hill said. ”My sister rang the Mother Teresa nuns in Sydney.”

The Children’s Hospital said it was hopeful Claire would make a full recovery (and she did).

”Despite experiencing a major trauma, she has no broken bones or serious internal injuries,” a spokeswoman said.

Read more news articles from 2011 via A Miracle Down Under.

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Catholic Homeschool Australia: while this story is a few years old now it needs to be retold over and over. We have had personal contact with the Hills at family camps over the last two years. Our children have joined in with bush walks holding Clare’s hand and giving her piggy backs etc. So we can tell you first hand that she did make a full recovery and that she is a walking miracle.

Prince Of Egypt – Movie Reviews

UntitledTwo men — brothers and princess of the greatest empire on earth. One will someday rule Egypt. The other will become one of the greatest heroes of all time. A lie made them brothers – but the truth will destroy a dynasty and forever separate them – in faith – in heritage – in destiny.

The epic journey of Moses from slave to prince to deliverer has been told and retold for centuries, inspiring generation after generation. Now this timeless story comes to the screen in a new form for audiences of every generation to experience.

via Prince Of Egypt | Find Top Family Movies | Dove Family Friendly Movie Reviews.

Magnificent entertainment, THE PRINCE OF EGYPT takes animated movies to a new level as it dramatizes the biblical story of Moses and his call from God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. THE PRINCE OF EGYPT combines magnificent art, music, story, and realization to make one of the most entertaining moral masterpieces of all time.


Rated G Australia (US: Rated PG for intense depiction of thematic elements)

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Excursion to BOUNCE Trampolining

We had an excursion to Bounce on Friday 28th of February and everyone had a good time. The slam dunking was a great hit.

Why BOUNCE inc Trampolining?

We believe everyone wants to fly though the air and bounce off the walls. So we’ve created BounceInc – a massive indoor trampoline universe packed with lots of high octane, extreme, fun things to do. Whether you’re practicing your parkour moves, perfecting your aerial sports techniques or with kids and the family, its all about jumping high, and landing soft and safe.  Imagine over 100 interconnected trampolines and 500 square meters of padding & foam to land on

via Why BOUNCEinc Trampolining? – BOUNCEinc.

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