What sacrifice would you make to end abortion? Do you hate it that our state has nearly the worst laws supporting abortion throughout the world? Want to do something about it?

It really irks me about the abortion laws, and I know I will answer to God if I don’t try to do something for the babies. So I am, and I was wondering if anyone out there would like to join us in this?

You see, along time ago in a parish far, far away was a priest called Fr Des Byrne. He founded the rebel forces, I mean, the Confraternity of St Michael, and educated us in our faith, both intellectually and spiritually. Many of us found our future spouses there, and hence quite a few of the homeschooling families in Victoria were begun.

But back to the point. Fr filled our hearts and heads with talks on various topics. One particular talk always struck me. It was on the Polish people and how they rid their country of communism with out one drop of blood being shed. They had survived the cruelty and destructive reign of the Third Reich, only to be dominated by Russian Communism. Although not trying to destroy their race physically, like the Germans did, the Russians aimed at destroying the Church, which for our good Polish people amounted to the same thing. To live without faith was to be dead spiritually.

So they turned to prayer and fasting – but with the lifestyles enforced on them by the Russians, such hard labour for so little, they took a very sensible way. One member of a family would fast on Friday for Poland to be free. They all took turns, so that no one family member would carry a burden too heavy for them. And it worked. Eventually, Poland was liberated without war.

My friends, I’m not a good faster. So I thought that if I could fast from 10am till 5 pm on Fridays, and offer it for an end to abortion, then at least I would really be doing something. I found that sometimes when we’ve been on an outing and for whatever reason been delayed, we have missed our lunch. And, amazingly, it didn’t kill us!

So, in our family, we are beginning to take turns fasting on Fridays between 10am and 5pm. We’ve been doing it for a while, and we’ve found it hasn’t made us too crabby or unable to cope etc… It made us hungry, all right. That was the point.

Could you imagine if lots of families did this? On our own, it’s not a lot, but if there were others out there willing to make this sacrifice, the impact could be amazing. The ending of abortion is matter of grace, therefore grace needs to be won, and it is within our means to do so.

Are you willing? Can you do it? Is this something your family could join in? I invite your participation in this small, but potentially great, sacrifice. Will you help us rid our country of the scourge of abortion? Deus vult!! And may we be the poor instruments He uses.

God Bless you all.