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Apollo Bay Holiday

On the 14th of November we went to Apollo Bay. Here are some of the things we did.

We took the Sorrento ferry to Queenscliff  which we went on to get across the bay.

Then it was down to the beach. We also took a trip to the Otway Fly Treetop walk.

It is the longest and highest walk of its kind in the world. It is able to withstand 280km/h winds and is 30m above the forest floor

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Lego Can Dance

Leah Darrow – Fashion Modesty & Purity

Before her debut on the hit reality TV show, America’s Next Top Model, and the subsequent years as a professional model, Leah earned a bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, graduating with Magna cum Laude honors and President of the Psychology Honor Society, Psi Chi. Leah is currently working towards her Masters in Pastoral Theology, in the IPT program, at Ave Maria University.

Now, as a full-time apologist for Catholic Answers, Leah brings her experience of the fashion world and the Catholic world to the masses. Leah has appeared on numerous secular and non-secular television and radio programs, including EWTN’s Life on the Rock and Faith & Culture programs. Leah, also spoke on behalf of international youth at the United Nations’ panel discussion in July of 2011.

Leah speaks internationally to people of all ages on topics of mercy, conversion, human dignity, modesty and chastity.

Inspired by John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Pope Benedict XVI, Leah reaches out to all those lost in sin, scared to change and offers them the lighted pathway to Christ, our Hope and our Salvation. Pope Benedict XVI said, “The world promises you comfort but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness!” Leah inspires and challenges her audiences to accept the mercy of Christ, embrace true love, and welcome conversion.

via Leah Darrow | Catholic Answers.


Many people will say that the word Transubstantiation is just too difficult for children to understand or even pronounce. And so they often don’t mention or discuss it at all.

It is interesting that children of all ages have never had any trouble saying the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from the movie Mary Poppins.

The word tran·sub·stan·ti·a·tion has 6 syllables.

Where as su·per·cal·i·frag·i·lis·tic·ex·pi·al·i·do·cious has 14!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious defined means – adjective (used as a nonsense word by children to express approval or to represent the longest word in English.) via

Which really means nothing.

Transubstantiation defined means –

1. the changing of one substance into another.

2. Theology. the changing of the elements of the bread and wine, when they are consecrated in the Eucharist, into the body and blood of Christ (a doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church).

Which means everything.

Please watch watch this fantastic 1:18 second video from  with your children to help them understand that this is what going to Mass is really all about.

What do you do if there is a collision in the Burnley Tunnel?

Take a detour and drive along the beach, have icecreams and a history lesson!

Last Friday we were driving home from a Strathmore Home-Ed sports afternoon before 4pm to find as we approached the Bolte Bridge that the traffic in the lane leading to the Burnley Tunnel had completely stopped and the sign read ‘Collision in Burnley Tunnel Expect Delays’. So should we sit in stand still traffic when the afternoon peak was about to begin or get off at Todd Road?  We decided to get off Citylink and go through Beacon Cove, drive up close to the Spirit of Tasmania and the P & O Liner which were in port, continue through St. Kilda and along Beach Road and in a very short time we were way past the inner city suburbs. We turned off Beach Road at Half Moon Bay to find a beach kiosk only to discover we had ended up at the site of the scuttled HMVS/HMAS Cerberus.

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Catholic singer Matt Maher has released a new album – The Love In Between (2011)

Matt is a fantastic signer of contemporary Catholic music.

The Love In Between (2011)

1.  Rise Up

2.  Turn Around

3.  Heaven Help Me

4.  Every Little Prison (Deliver Me)

5.  Woke Up In America

6.  Heaven And Earth

7.  Write Your Love On My Heart

8.  On My Way

9.  New State Of Mind

10. My Only Love

11. Everything And Nothing

12. The Spirit And The Bride

via Matt Maher – Music.